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Welcome to Longmont Indicators

Click on a plan below to track the City’s progress toward achieving Envision Longmont and sustainability goals. Changes in the indicators are updated biannually through these online dashboards.

We welcome feedback on this site. Please contact the Office of Sustainability with your input.

To learn more about Longmont City Council's vision for the City visit the City Council page.

Total GHG Emissions

Target: Reduce Longmont's core greenhouse gas emissions by 66% from the 2016 baseline by 2030, and 69% by 2050

In 2021, there was a 13% reduction in emissions from a 2016 baseline.

On the year 2016 Total Greenhouse Gas Emissions was 1100000 MT CO₂e. Latest observed value in 2021 was 940000 MT CO₂e. The goal for the year 2030 is 3.676e+5 MT CO₂e. Since 2016 reduction is 160000.0 MT CO₂e. 572400 MT CO₂e still needs to be reduced before the year 2030.1,100,000 MT CO₂eReduced MT CO₂e940,000 MT CO₂eLeft to reduce572,400 MT CO₂e367,600 MT CO₂eGoal201620212030
Total Greenhouse Gas Emissions